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This Website is dedicated to the sharing of information on or about the Oldest & Largest Fraternal organization in the World, namely Freemasonry, and while it is being provided primarily for the benefit of Brethren of the Order it is also open to all who may be interested or simply curious. 
The information referred to consists of articles & papers relating to  the History; Philosophy & numerous other subjects relevant to Freemasonry, and its many aspects.
It is a personal publication created by myself, starting  in 2003,  and has now grown to being directly shared with over 1201 subscribers residing all over the world.
Regarding content, I must make it very clear that the papers & information being shared in this publication are of my own personal choice & the comments attached to that material are mine alone. As alluded to earlier, the content includes all aspects of “Masonic Education” in its broadest sense and hopefully presented in such a way as to attract the attention of the reader, be they existing Freemasons, those contemplating membership, or those simply wondering who and what we are all about.   
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Please note my offer of a Complimentary copy of “A Journey to the Spirit” to all Masonic Lodges in the World.
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