“Our Mission” From Example and Through Leadership.

“Our Mission” From Example and Through Leadership.

"OUR MISSION" FROM EXAMPLE AND THROUGH LEADERSHIP R.W. Bro. V. Burnie Kyle, S.G.W.Grand Lodge of British Columbia My Thanks to M.W.Bro Stephen Godfrey for allowing me access to his personal library. Our mission and responsibilities within the Craft and how we relate to them in our daily affairs, is very indicative to the principles of sound leadership Continue reading

West Gate or Revolving Door!

West Gate or Revolving Door!

West Gate or Revolving Door? Issues Surrounding Retention RWB Doug Franklin, SGW, GL BC & Yukon (2017) In our beloved Craft today, we are often reminded that retention is the best way to build and sustain membership.  Although statistics vary, some twenty percent of Brethren leave their Lodge, and the Masonic Order, within one year of being Continue reading

Minding our own Business

Minding our own Business

MINDING OUR OWN BUSINESS Before embarking on a consideration of this topic, it might be appropriate to define the business of Freemasonry.  First and foremost, Freemasonry is an initiatic Order in the business of the development, enhancement, and transformation of the individual Mason through a lifelong process of self-discipline, self-discovery and Continue reading

Where did all our Freemasons Go?

 Where Did All Our Freemasons Go? Adapted by V.W. Bro Norman McEvoy from a paper presented by R.W. Bro. Gordon Crutcher. Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario (Canada) I would venture a guess to say there's not one single Lodge within our (any) Grand Lodge that isn't concerned about membership and Lodge attendance. Each year on the Continue reading

That’s Not How We Did It In My Year!!!

That's Not How We Did It In My Year !! By W. Bro. Carl W. Davis The story is told of a bishop who was touring a newly constructed church building. The church's pastor took the bishop into the sanctuary. Above the door was painted a verse of Scripture that said, "My house shall be called a house of prayer." Next, the pastor took the bishop into Continue reading

Seven Great Mistakes of Freemasonry

Seven Greatest Mistakes of Freemasonry (author unknown) 1. Ritual Without Meaning Too many times, we are more concerned about performing the ritual perfectly without understanding what it means. Ritual for the sake of tradition is worthless. Ritual for the sake of enlightenment is valuable. An understanding of the ritual’s meaning is far more Continue reading

An Interview with the Grand Master of Ireland

The following is a copy of an Interview with the Grand Master of Ireland and published in the New Irish News on September 13, 2015. FREEMASONS ARE ACTUALLY A BUNCH OF REGULAR GUYS Interviewer Liam Collins When you enter the Grand Lodge of the Freemasons in Ireland, in Molesworth Street, Dublin 2, it has the feel of a gentleman's club and I am ushered Continue reading

A View Point on Freemasonry

A View Point on Freemasonry, from an Individual Masons Perspective Adapted by V.W. Bro. Norman McEvoy from a paper by Francis G. Paul 33* Northern Light, May 1990 Reproduced from Masonic Bulletin October 1990, Vol. LIII No. 2 The majority of our membership derives its satisfaction by simply belonging. Most Masons do not feel a need to attend Continue reading

Why the Rush

WHY THE RUSH presented by V.W. Bro. Norman McEvoy The subject I wish to address in this paper is the "Why the Rush" in getting Candidates through the Degrees. Our History tells us that in Operative Times, apprentices were required to serve SEVEN years prior to being considered for the honour of being a Freemason. By no means am I advocating this Continue reading