What Freemasonry Stands For !!

WHAT FREEMASONRY STANDS FOR !! No one can dispute the fact that we are living in a disturbed world and this is brought to our attention every day we live by the news we get on the T.V., radio and the newspapers. This unrest should teach us who belong to the masonic fraternity that we have masonic obligations and masonic wages to earn. We must be Continue reading

The Measure of a Man

                                    The Measure of a Man Adapted, very slightly, by Bro. Norman McEvoy from a paper compiled by brother J.E. Blackmore, J.W. of Lodge 96. GL NSW (Aust) There is no denying that men are often judged by the amount of worldly wealth they have amassed. We hear of a man described as a poor man; a rich man; a man of substance Continue reading

Masonic Education too often overlooked!

MASONIC EDUCATION: A Subject Too Often Overlooked Adapted by V.W. Bro. Norman McEvoy from a paper by Richard E. Fletcher, PGM, Vermont   (undated) Conrad Hahn, a most distinguished Mason, once observed,  “The lack of educational work in the average lodge is the principal reason for the lack of interest and the consequent poor attendance in Masonry Continue reading

What Freemasonry Teaches Me

WHAT FREEMASONRY TEACHES ME!! Taken from "The Gavel and Freemasonry's Journal", December, 1870; Re-printed in THE TRACING BOARD, G.R.S.; March, 1976 A few days since, a gentleman outside the Masonic Fraternity asked us what Masonry taught We will answer what it teaches us, and he will tell us whether the lessons be good ones or not. Masonry Continue reading

You Called me Brother!!

You Called me Brother! Shared with me by R.W. Bro. Wayne Anderson  The Craft is a society with secrets, but until recently, the public at large thought it was a secret society. The secrets must and will continue to be guarded, but a general understanding of what Masonry stands for and does is now becoming available to the ordinary citizen. As Continue reading

A Walk About the Lodge

A Walk-About the Lodge It is important to note that this paper came to me from a Brother in the U.K. & although he did not give me the name of this Lodge, he and his Lodge Brothers will be able to identify him and his contribution to Masonic Education. This paper has been amended by V.W. Bro. Norman McEvoy to reflect the order of sequence utilized Continue reading

The Holy Men

THE HOLY MEN author & origin unknown (thank goodness) Blame it on me!!!! Some years ago when living in Northern British Columbia a new Master Mason came to me with a problem. It seemed that he and his wife had made a solemn vow that there would be no secrets in their married life. And then he became a Freemason!!!!!!! What do they do???? She Continue reading

A New Delight

A NEW DELIGHT M.W. Brother John L. Travis. Grand Master of Masons in Georgia in 1938, There could be no better advice to men who are taking, as you are, their first step in Masonry, than that they should take due heed of all that upon which they enter. You have entered this evening as apprentices into the greatest school of morality and spiritual Continue reading

Mentoring Handbook (G.L. of Washington)

Mentoring - A Life Long Process and a Key to Leadership   Most  Worshipful  Grand  Lodge  of  Free  &   Accepted  Masons  of  Washington   Taken  from   the combined  information  site for  the Leadership  Training, Membership Cultivation  and  Retention  Committees  at: Continue reading