The Royal Arch-Pure and Ancient Freemasonry

The Royal Arch – part of Pure and Ancient Freemasonry  If we want to understand Freemasonry, we must not only study the history of our Order, but also look carefully at the history of the period – the last almost 300 years – during which Masonry gradually changed from its original character as an operative organization to the great universal speculative Continue reading

Royal Arch Masonry

An Introduction to Royal Arch Masonry adapted by MEC Norman McEvoy (Columbia Chapter No 1. G.C of BC&Yukon) Canada, from an article date and source unknown. The first comment many make when a discussion comes up about membership in a Concordant or Appendant body is:- "Why should I belong to another Masonic Body? " There are also those who Continue reading

The Relevance of Mark and Royal Arch to the Craft

At the half yearly meeting of the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India, on the 4th September 2004, the author W.Bro. T.T.Kuruvilla Past Assistant Regional Grand Master delivered a brilliant lecture which held the audience spellbound. It was a well researched lecture, which won the appreciation of every brother present.  The Relevance of The Mark and Continue reading