A Journey to the Spirit

A Journey to the Spirit INTRODUCTION Over my past 60 years as a Freemason I have witnessed, and even participated in, the conferral of ceremonies wherein the brethren responsible for the delivery of same have had little or no understanding of the Esoteric nature of the ceremony itself. Why this is so I attribute to the lack of Masonic Education Continue reading

Towards a New Golden Age of Masonry

Towards A New Golden Age of Masonry By Bro. Stephen F. W. of Lodge Germania 1036 UGLNSW To My Brother,  Our voluntarie service he requires, Not our necessitated, such with him Findes no acceptance, nor can find, for how Can hearts, not free, be tri'd whether they serve Willing or no, who will but what they must By Destinie, and can Continue reading

Why are you a Mason?

Why are you a Mason? Bro. Edward Hartman, Ashlar Lodge No. 610 G.R.C. (London)                 Winner of the 2016 Essay Competition 2016 of GL of Canada in the Province of Ontario. I love being a Freemason for many reasons. Freemasonry has been the conduit through which I have received many of my life’s great experiences. One of the superficial Continue reading

The Lewis Jewel and its History

The Lewis Jewel & its History (and added comments) Adapted from the Grand Lodge of Manitoba e News 12/16 The Lewis is a device that has been used by stonemasons for many centuries. It provides an anchorage in a stone, which enables lifting tackle to be attached and assist in the raising and lowering of large stones to the required heights and Continue reading

The Masonic Apron

The Masonic Apron Masonic Short Talk Bulletin VOL. 5 NOVEMBER 1927 NO. 11 In Masonic symbolism the Lambskin Apron holds precedence. It is the initial gift of Freemasonry to a candidate, and at the end of life's pilgrimage it is reverently placed on his mortal remains and buried with his body in the grave. Above all other symbols, the Lambskin Continue reading

The Legend of the Cap & Gown

THE LEGEND OF THE CAP AND GOWN WB Tom McCarthy Long ago, in ancient Greece, when formal education was for the very rich or the very determined, a wise old teacher was approached by a group of noblemen. “Our sons have completed their studies and it is time for them to return to their homes and live in the style befitting their station. Tomorrow we will Continue reading

The All Seeing Rye

THE ALL-SEEING EYE Author unknown During the closing of the Lodge in some Fellowcraft ceremonies, the Worshipful Master states: '....let us remember that wherever we are and whatever we do, His all-seeing eye beholds us; .... Let us never fail to discharge our duties towards Him with fervency and zeal.' Again, in the conferral of some Master Mason Continue reading

The Forget Me Not ( a second legend)

The “Forget-Me-Not” Of Newfoundland and Labrador and Freemasonry world wide This was prepared with the help of VW Barry Thom in Newfoundland, Florence Thom who supplied the Forget-me not, the website of Bro. Paul Bessell and numerous papers from the publications of the German Quatuor Coronati Lodge of Research In a German legend, God named all the Continue reading

The Distinguishing Badge of a Mason

The Distinguishing Badge of a Mason by W.Bro. Rob Lund Introduction and History “More ancient than the Golden Fleece or Roman Eagle; more honourable than the Star or Garter; or any other order in existence, being the badge of innocence and the bond of friendship”. So is the Apron first introduced to the new Mason, and so was it presented Continue reading