Bulletproof Freemasonry

Bulletproof Freemasonry

What I Learned about the Craft in Afghanistan By Bro. Lieutenant Joseph F. Curry, Intelligence Officer, Canadian Armed Forces; The Beaches Lodge No. 473 and Canada Lodge UD (Kandahar), both of the GL of Canada.   This is an edited version of a first-person account by a Mason in a military lodge deployed in the field and presented at the Continue reading

The Chisel

The Chisel From The Hidden Life in Freemasonry by C.W. Leadbeater The Egyptians took the chisel to symbolize the intellect, which they regarded as a keen-edged instrument. They considered that the man who used his intellect would be able to remove the excrescences of superstition from the beliefs that presented themselves to him, until he became a Continue reading

The Triangle

The Triangle Symbols have been used since earliest recorded history to teach and to preserve knowledge about natural and spiritual laws. Over 3000 years ago the Egyptian Mystery Schools used the equilateral triangle to symbolise their teachings that for the perfect manifestation of anything material or Spiritual, three principal elements or conditions Continue reading

The Mason’s Mallet

The Mason’s Mallet  As an emblem of authority in a Masonic Lodge, the mallet is invested with a good deal of interest. To those Companions and Brethren who want to know more, this paper is dedicated. For our purposes here, the terms Mallet and Gavel are interchangeable, but in actual fact they are not. The Freemason is taught in the course of Continue reading

The Try Square of Conscience

THE TRY SQUARE OF CONSCIENCE adapted by V.W.Bro Norman McEvoy from BROTHERS AND BUILDERS. By Joseph Fort Newton. The Holy Book lies open upon the Altar of Masonry, and upon that book lie the Square and Compasses. They are the three Great Lights of the Lodge, at once its Divine warrant and its chief working tools. They are symbols of Revelation, Continue reading

The Trowel

THE WORKING TOOLS IN THE MASTER MASON DEGREE (Ancient Workings) Presented by V.W. Bro, Norman McEvoy Director of Masonic Education Victoria Columbia No 1 Grand Lodge of BC&Yukon (Canada) (2008) The Ancient Workings Ritual states “The Working Tools of a Master Mason are all the tools in Masonry indiscriminately but more especially the Continue reading

The Working Tools

The working tools in the Fellowcraft Degree, so it appears to me, the Square, the Level, and the Plumb-rule, are intimately related one with the other, and all concern themselves with one basic moral quality - honesty.  In the field of activity of the operative builder, architect, or engineer, these three implements are also intimately related one to the Continue reading

The Skirret

THE SKIRRET. You are unlikely to discover the word “skirret” in any modern dictionary or encyclopedia - at least, not in the context with which we, as Freemasons, are familiar. It seems to have disappeared from the language of the operative builder.  But if the word has been forgotten, the instrument itself has not, and it is in as general use Continue reading

The Pencil

The Pencil, in the sense that it is the instrument of original design, is again demonstrably an implement of the architect or master-builder, the means whereby his inspired talents are set down for the instruction of the workmen and the guidance of the supervisors. On a recent visit to England, I saw, in a book, a copy of a beautiful drawing, executed Continue reading