Freemasonry, a View

FREEMASONRY Author unknown: Published in THE TRACING BOARD: GRS; July, 1969. Masonry has a great tradition, but it is not enough to sit complacently in contemplation of that fact.  Whatever has had merit in the past and can be made applicable to present day condition is, of course, desirable to be preserved and utilized. However, if Masonry, of Continue reading

I Believe

I BELIEVE Birth Certificates show that we were born, A Death Certificate shows that we died. Have a seat==Relax==And read this slowly!!!!! 1   I believe that just because two people argue. It doesn't mean that they don't love each other, and just because they don't argue, it doesn't mean they do love each other. 2   I believe that Continue reading

The North is Dark (Why)?

THE NORTH IS DARK  (WHY) ? An Age Old Tradition Examined It is one of our old-time traditions that the North side of the Lodge Room, as explained in the Monitor, "has always been termed a place of darkness," in imitation of King Solomon's Temple, "of which every Lodge is a representation."  In further explanation, it is stated that the Temple Continue reading

The North East Corner

THE NORTH EAST CORNER By Bro. C. H. Pirie Published in The Tracing Board, GRS, 1979 No doubt many newly made Masons including newly raised Master Masons, will, during their period of initiation into the workings of a Lodge and the peculiarities of the stations at which various parts of the degrees are unfolded, wonder why the candidates are so Continue reading

The Chisel

The Chisel From The Hidden Life in Freemasonry by C.W. Leadbeater The Egyptians took the chisel to symbolize the intellect, which they regarded as a keen-edged instrument. They considered that the man who used his intellect would be able to remove the excrescences of superstition from the beliefs that presented themselves to him, until he became a Continue reading

The Rise of Freemasonry

The Rise of Freemasonry By Fred L. Pick, P.A.G.D.C., Prov. G. Sec. Lancs. (E.D.),  P.M., Quatuor Coronati Lodge, 2076. & co-author of "The Pocket History of Freemasonry" with G. Norman Knight. Brethren often ask, “How old is Freemasonry?” and, in an attempt to answer that question, let us travel backward in time, afterwards retracing our steps. Continue reading

The Unity of our Masonic System

"THE UNITY OF OUR MASONIC SYSTEM" By M. Ex Comp. Rev, C.T.F. Goy. One of the greatest aids to human thought is the use of symbolism. It reveals itself to us every day of our existence - it is engraved into our ordinary life. We know that the right place for a sceptre is in the hands of a monarch, for it is the emblem of regal power and Continue reading

Advice to a Potential Candidate

ADVICE TO A POTENTIAL CANDIDATE Taken from "A Masonic Minute" & written by the late M.W. Bro. Raymond Daniels (2014) A Personal Note to a Potential Candidate from an Old Past Master I understand that you would like to explore your interest in Freemasonry.  I was hoping that we might arrange a personal chat, but time and circumstances seem to Continue reading

What is Freemasonry – its Aims & Objectives

What Is Freemasonry, its Aims and Objectives? A paper prepared by the Committee of Masonic Education of the United Grand Lodge of NSW and the ACT for presentation at Open Nights or for the information of non-Masons. In recent years, we have witnessed dramatic social change, when the educational system, the influence of World War Two, Korea and Continue reading