Symbolism of the First Degree & a Poem

Symbolism of the First Degree Being a reprint from “The Builder” The Official Journal of the National Masonic Research Society, Anamosa, Iowa.            (circa 1915) In searching through my Masonic Education Library, I uncovered the attached lecture and was impressed by the fact that the writer’s comments are as valid today as in 1915.  I do trust Continue reading

The Twelve Days of Christmas & Attitudes

The Christmas Carol  known as “The Twelve Days of Christmas” History informs us that from 1558 until 1829, Roman Catholics in England were not permitted to practice their faith openly and had to resort to discrete forms of communication. It is believed that this particular Carol, fell into this category and was written anonymously for the purpose of Continue reading

Working Tools of a Master Mason

THE WORKING TOOLS OF A MASTER MASON  The Working Tools of the Master Mason Degree, are the Skirret, the Pencil and the Compasses - characteristically and unmistakably the tools of the Architect, the Designer and the Master builder himself. THE SKIRRET. You are unlikely to discover the word “skirret” in any modern dictionary or encyclopedia - at Continue reading

Fellowcraft Working Tools

Fraternal Greetings Brethren In preparing this month's edition I have been grappling with the length of the paper I have chosen to share with you, feeling it was rather long , however, I have come to the conclusion that to split it would lessen it's message and impact on each and every one of us.  As such, it is now presented in its entirety. THE Continue reading

The Art of Getting Along

The Art of Getting Along Sooner or later, a man, if he is wise, discovers that life is a mixture of good days and bad, victory and defeat, give and take. He learns that it doesn’t pay to be a sensitive soul; that he should let some things go over his head like water off a duck’s back He learns that he who loses his temper usually loses out. He Continue reading

When is a Man a Mason

Fraternal Greetings Brethren. WHEN IS A MAN A MASON When he can look out over the rivers, the hills and the far horizon with a profound sense of his own littleness in the vast scheme of things, and yet have faith, hope and courage – which is the root of every virtue. When he knows that, down in his heart, every man is as noble, as vile, as Continue reading