Symbolism of the First Degree & a Poem

Symbolism of the First Degree Being a reprint from “The Builder” The Official Journal of the National Masonic Research Society, Anamosa, Iowa.            (circa 1915) In searching through my Masonic Education Library, I uncovered the attached lecture and was impressed by the fact that the writer’s comments are as valid today as in 1915.  I do trust Continue reading

Working Tools in MM Degree (Ancient Workings) etc.

THE WORKING TOOLS IN THE MASTER MASON DEGREE (Ancient Workings) “The Working Tools of a Master Mason are all the tools in Masonry indiscriminately but more especially the TROWEL” In beginning, I will first provide you with the definition of the TROWEL as provided in The Lexicon of Freemasonry by Albert G. Mackey.  It is, in part, as follows; “An Continue reading

A Morning Prayer

Starting off your day,  A Morning Prayer This little gem comes from V.W.Bro.Doug Sowden Past Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of BC&Yukon. A few years ago, my wife gave me a paper with a prayer on it. I’ve kept it pinned to my office notice board, now I’d like to share it with you. You may have seen it before, but I believe the message bears Continue reading

Sublime & A Lesson in Life

 The Definition of Sublime Descriptive of the Master Mason Degree since 1754 when the word first appears in the Certificate of the Grand Lodge of Ireland, (Latin, limen, the upper part of the door-the lintel. Latin sub is under or up to; hence sublime, raised aloft to a higher state. In common use , sublime denotes that which is majestic, greater, and Continue reading

The Golden Box

The Golden Box A Mother punished her 5 year old daughter for cutting up a roll of expensive gold wrapping paper. Money was tight and she became even more upset when the child used the gold paper to decorate a box to put under the Christmas tree. Nonetheless, the little girl brought the Gift Box to her mother on Christmas morning and said “ This is Continue reading