Whither are we Traveling

Whither are we Travelling In 1963 a Past Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Indiana published a little book titled  "Whither are we Travelling” and somewhere along the line I have obtained a copy. In this book he asks 10 Questions and proceeds to answer them from his perspective. In this issue I am sharing Question #10 with you. Please remember that Continue reading


GEOMETRY Opening Comment Some of you, including myself until lately, may not be aware that at our initiation we referred to our Supreme Being as the Great Architect of the Universe, however at our passing we then refer to him as                                       The Grand Geometrician of the Universe and at the close of the Tracing Board Lecture Continue reading

The Pillars

THE PILLARS taken from Chapters 2 & 3 of The Meaning of Masonry by William W. Wilmshurst In his book Wilmshurst makes the comment that anyone could devote many many papers to a study of the Pillars, however, I found great value in the esoteric explanation he did provide and I will attempt to share my understanding with you. As our Lectures Continue reading

The Beginnings

Fraternal Greetings Brethren. Welcome to my first attempt to put together a Monthly Masonic Education Newsletter, which I trust will be of interest to the majority of you, add to your daily advancement in Masonic knowledge and possibly even generate some discussion both inside and outside of the Lodge. To get things started, it is my plan to Continue reading