Morality & McDonalds

Judgement of Morality Presented by Bro. Ken Jarabek Victoria-Columbia Lodge #1 B.C. & Y.R. (2001) Morality seems to get a lot of attention these days. More specifically, it is the alleged "lack of morals" in our society that seems to rouse people. According to many individuals who are unhappy with our society, all our troubles stem from the Continue reading

The Festival of Chanukah

The following is another piece from the Masonic Service Bureau of North America (Dec 2008) and, I believe, presents another opportunity to share the light on a celebration which I had previously known little or nothing about. The Festival of Chanukah (the story of light) Every year, approximately during the month of December, people of the Jewish Continue reading

Bible Openings

 Bible Openings A Brother recently asked me what were the "Proper" openings when using the Bible as the V.O.S.L I promptly give him my personal opinion, then went to the Bible on our Altar and found it to be different. The shock on my face was evident and made me immediately seek out an answer which could be shared with others in the same Continue reading

Fellowcraft Working Tools

Fraternal Greetings Brethren In preparing this month's edition I have been grappling with the length of the paper I have chosen to share with you, feeling it was rather long , however, I have come to the conclusion that to split it would lessen it's message and impact on each and every one of us.  As such, it is now presented in its entirety. THE Continue reading

The Common Gavel etc.

The Common Gavel. Pursuing the same metaphor, it might be said that the second great gift with which we are endowed at our birth is the gift of energy. Healthy children simply bubble and boil with it (as we grandfathers know all too well!) and if it be true that, in the words of our ritual, "labour is the lot of man", then it is also true that Continue reading


Obedience Obedience Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary 1. (a) an act or instance of obeying  (b) the quality or state of being obedient. Obedience Lexicon of Freemasonry    Albert G. Mackey (1908) Submission to the constituted authorities, both in state and the Craft, is a quality inculcated upon all Masons. With respect to the State, a Continue reading

Fidelity & When is a Man a Mason?

Fidelity Fidelity Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary Faithful .         The quality of being faithful Fidelity Encyclopedia of  Freemasonry    Albert G. Mackey (1917) See Fides. In the lecture in the first degree , it is said that “our ancient brethren worshipped deity under the name of Fides of Fidelity, which was sometimes represented by Continue reading

Secrecy & A Short Talk

Secrecy Secrecy Lexicon of Freemasonry,                    Albert G. Mackey (circa 1908) The objection which has been urged against Freemasonry on the ground of its secret character is scarcely worthy of serious refutation. It has become threadbare, and always has been the objection only of envious and illiberal minds. Indeed, its force is Continue reading


Fortitude I must admit that this word has been driving me crazy, in that few words are used in my reference material regarding its meaning, however, this morning I woke up with a different thought of how to approach its meaning and I do hope you will understand my intent. Fortitude        Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary Strength 2. Strength of Continue reading