Symbolism of the First Degree & a Poem

Symbolism of the First Degree Being a reprint from “The Builder” The Official Journal of the National Masonic Research Society, Anamosa, Iowa.            (circa 1915) In searching through my Masonic Education Library, I uncovered the attached lecture and was impressed by the fact that the writer’s comments are as valid today as in 1915.  I do trust Continue reading

The Festival of Chanukah

The following is another piece from the Masonic Service Bureau of North America (Dec 2008) and, I believe, presents another opportunity to share the light on a celebration which I had previously known little or nothing about. The Festival of Chanukah (the story of light) Every year, approximately during the month of December, people of the Jewish Continue reading

Symbolism & a Few Poems

 "Symbolism in Craft Freemasonry" by Colin Dyer. It is my hope that this paper will further enhance your perspective on this extremely interesting subject. Symbolism & Speculation "Symbolism is the key to all mysteries, to all ancient and modern religions, to all esoteric knowledge. Without and understanding of the meaning of symbols, one Continue reading

Thoughts to Ponder

MENTORSHIP As you are no doubt aware, Victoria Columbia No 1 commenced the development of a Mentorship Program in 1996, and, through the efforts of Brethren of the Lodge, this Program is now a fixture of our Lodge and operating quite efficiently. It is also interesting to note, that the program, as developed by Victoria Columbia No 1, has now been Continue reading

When is a Man a Mason

Fraternal Greetings Brethren. WHEN IS A MAN A MASON When he can look out over the rivers, the hills and the far horizon with a profound sense of his own littleness in the vast scheme of things, and yet have faith, hope and courage – which is the root of every virtue. When he knows that, down in his heart, every man is as noble, as vile, as Continue reading

The Beginnings

Fraternal Greetings Brethren. Welcome to my first attempt to put together a Monthly Masonic Education Newsletter, which I trust will be of interest to the majority of you, add to your daily advancement in Masonic knowledge and possibly even generate some discussion both inside and outside of the Lodge. To get things started, it is my plan to Continue reading