The Festival of Chanukah

The following is another piece from the Masonic Service Bureau of North America (Dec 2008) and, I believe, presents another opportunity to share the light on a celebration which I had previously known little or nothing about. The Festival of Chanukah (the story of light) Every year, approximately during the month of December, people of the Jewish Continue reading

The Holy Saints John and Masonry

THE HOLY SAINTS JOHN AND MASONRY By Laurence Healey, Past Grand Master, British Columbia (1956) The question as to why our Lodges are dedicated to the Holy Saints’ John is one that often puzzles the Masonic student. It becomes even more involved when it is realized that in the Grand Lodge of England the Lodges are dedicated to King Solomon, and Continue reading

Jacob’s Ladder & The Old Masters Wages

Taken from “Symbolism in Craft Freemasonry" written by Colin Dyer, In this issue I will be sharing with you selected sections of his presentation on Jacob’s Ladder which of course has much to do with the use of Numbers and, I believe, a natural extension from the May issue. Jacob’s Ladder As we are aware this symbol is displayed on the Tracing Continue reading

Numbers & their Influence

The Influence of Numbers   as pesented by W.L. Wilmshurst A man’s first entry into a Lodge is symbolical of his first entry upon the knowledge of knowing himself. His organism is symbolized by a four-square or four sided building. This is in accordance with the very ancient philosophical doctrine that four is the arithmetical symbol of everything which Continue reading

Symbols & Does Evil Exist?

Symbols “Symbols” as stated in our response to “What is Masonry” i.e. “It is a System of Morality, Veiled in Allegory and Illustrated by Symbols This I intend to approach from both an Exoteric (outward & apparent) and Esoteric (inward & hidden) perspective and in doing so I am leaning very heavily on the “Freemasons’ Guide and Compendium” Continue reading