Working Tools in MM Degree (Ancient Workings) etc.

THE WORKING TOOLS IN THE MASTER MASON DEGREE (Ancient Workings) “The Working Tools of a Master Mason are all the tools in Masonry indiscriminately but more especially the TROWEL” In beginning, I will first provide you with the definition of the TROWEL as provided in The Lexicon of Freemasonry by Albert G. Mackey.  It is, in part, as follows; “An Continue reading

The Common Gavel etc.

The Common Gavel. Pursuing the same metaphor, it might be said that the second great gift with which we are endowed at our birth is the gift of energy. Healthy children simply bubble and boil with it (as we grandfathers know all too well!) and if it be true that, in the words of our ritual, "labour is the lot of man", then it is also true that Continue reading

The 24 inch Guage etc.

The 24-inch Gauge The first implement placed in the hands of the new apprentice, we are told, is the 24-inch gauge, or as we should nowadays say, the two-foot rule; that common implement in the hip-pocket of every working artisan.  Its purpose, we are taught, is :- "to ascertain the extent of the work in which are about to engage, and to compute the Continue reading

Level & Plumb Rule etc.

Level and the Plumb Rule. You will recall the relevant Section of the Tracing Board reads as follows:- “ The Jewels of the Lodge are three movable and three immovable. The three movable jewels are  the Square, the Level and the Plumb Rule. Among operative Masons the Square is to try, and adjust rectangular corners of buildings, and assist in Continue reading