About The Header

by Norm McEvoy

You will note that there are three symbols displayed on the Header all of which have very personal significance to me.  They are:  The Lamp of Learning ; The Lighthouse and TWO “Forget Me Nots”  To clarify I offer the following:

The Lamp of Learning
Much has been said over the years regarding Freemasonry being a Personal Spiritual Journey and Freemasons being admonished to make a daily advancement in Masonic Education, so it should not come as a surprise to see the Lamp of Learning as the First symbol moving from Left to Right.


The Lighthouse
There is piece of ritual in Freemasonry which deals with the beginnings of our craft, and in part states that it spreads its “Benign Influence throughout the World”.
This is only possible if those Freemasons who receive the Light willingly share that light and act as Beacons in every facet of their lives.


The Forget me Nots
Please click on the  “Forget me Not ” Menu Link on the Home Page for a full and expansive explanation of the “Forget me Not” Pin.

Have a wonderful day & God Bless You and Yours


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